Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wine Wednesday: Kudos Pinot Gris

As you can probably tell by now, I am a Pinot Gris girl.  It is by far my favorite type of wine, so it is the one I drink most often.  I know that wine snobs agree that white wines don't really count, and the really good wine is red - but I think that is a matter of opinion.  The good wine is the wine that you like.

K and I made a stop at one of the stores that gives Arizona a big old check mark in the
"pro" category - Total Wine and More.  One of the things that confirms Arizona as a party state is that they really, really love alcohol here.  There is booze everywhere you look!  Wine and beer before lunch?  Sure!  Arizona beer week overlapping with Arizona cocktail week?  Why not?  Giant, warehouse sized stores selling noting but beer, wine and liquor?  Absolutely.

This store is pretty cool, and there is nothing like it in Oregon as far as I know.  They obviously have a huge selection, and their prices are great.  We don't really like going there too often because the parking lot and store itself is usually a crowded nightmare, but we popped in last week to pick up a bottle of wine and ended up with...four bottles of wine.  Also a bottle of vodka.  But hey, we're talking about wine here!

I bee-lined to the Pinot Gris section and was intrigued when I saw a bottle of Oregon Pinot Gris that was unfamiliar.  The Wine is called Kudos, and is from the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  Apparently it is bottled in Dundee, Oregon, which is the wine country outside of Portland.  I am familiar with many Oregon wineries, so I really wanted to try this one that I had never heard of.

What a great wine!  This is light and refreshing, a little fruity but not overly so.  This would be a great spring and summer wine for sipping out on the patio.  I would definitely buy this again, and recommend it.

Wine:  Kudos Pinot Gris 
Year: 2011
Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Purchased From: Total Wine
 Price: $12.99
Verdict: 4/5
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Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Arizona was considered the party state. Huh.

NW Girl said...

You know, I didn't really think if it that way until I moved here. But there is a definite "vacation vibe" here. There is something about a place that most people live in because of the weather that lends to making it a "party" place.

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