Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What to do when you are waiting for an important phone call that you may or may not be getting

Today, there was a possibility that I would be getting a sort of important phone call between 11-12.  But it had not been confirmed that I would actually be getting that call.  So I spent an hour feeling like a teenage girl who is hoping her sort of boyfriend would call, carrying my phone around the house with me and checking it every 3 minutes to make sure the volume was up and I had no missed calls.  What should you do while waiting for an important call that you may or may not get?

1.  Practice talking a bit just to make sure your voice is working correctly.  "Hello!  Hellloooooo?  Hello."

2.  Watch funny video on youtube so that you sound super relaxed and friendly when they call.

3. Turn off music to watch video.  Leave it off in case they call.

4. Make sure all communications went though.  Send follow up email.

5.  Decide they are never going to call if you just sit here in silence.  Turn music back on.

6. Realize you are starving because your vegan/gluten- free dinner last night was not filling at all.  Decide to fry an egg.  Think that if they are going to call at all, it will probably be while you are in the middle of frying an egg anyway.

7.  Send your boyfriend status updates via text and email every ten minutes throughout the hour.

8.  Waste time on the internets.

9.  Check email again.

10.  Watch the clock turn to 12:01.  Think of various ways things could have gone horribly wrong and assume that you will never hear from them again.

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Anonymous said...

No Wine Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

K was here.

NW Girl said...

Your wish is my command! Wine Wednesday is here!

bryandelizabeth said...

Great pic! And that could be video'd for America's Funniest Home video!!

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