Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quick Tip: Cleaning a Crock Pot Disaster

Yesterday I narrowly avoided a Crock Pot disaster.  I decided to attempt to make some overnight oatmeal - which turned out OK - but I ended up with a Crock Pot that had oatmeal completely burnt into the pot.  Curiously, the oatmeal itself wasn't burned,  Anyway, I was a little dismayed when I saw this:

You need a chisel for that gunk!

I quickly did some googling and found a solution:

 I added one cup of vinegar to the pot, then filled with water to about an inch over the burn line.  I set it to warm for two hours and let it percolate.  Then I just scrubbed it out.  most of it came out easily, but there were a few stubborn areas.  I used a scraper like this and the rest came off pretty easily.

Sparkly Clean!

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Anonymous said...

I just made overnight crockpot oatmeal this week for the first time. I read that you should spray your crockpot with a cooking spray before you put the ingredients in. Of course I read this after I'd already started the oatmeal, but I lucked out and this didn't happen. Good to know for next time tho :)

NW Girl said...

Yeah, I think spraying it would be a good idea! Or wiping the inside with a little oil. I'm not sure it I would make it again because the oatmeal wasn't that great. It was fine, but not spectacular.

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