Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wine Wednesday: 99 Vines Pinot Grigio

Happy Wine Wednesday, everyone!  Here is another wine that we picked up at the BevMo! Five Cent wine sale.  This is a California Pinot Grigio, it doesn't taste oaky at all, so I'm going to guess that it is aged in stainless steel barrels. I don't taste much fruit in there, but it has a little bit of light fruitiness when you look for it.  I would almost call this wine tangy - but it really is in a pleasant way.  This has a nice, refreshing acidity to it, with a pretty light flavor, which I think makes it a great warm weather wine.

At $9.49, this is a nicely priced wine, and with the Buy One Get One for Five Cents price, it really is a great deal.  This is a good everyday wine that I would recommend.

Wine:  99 Vines Pinot Grigio
Year: No year listed :/
Region: California
Purchased From: BevMo!
 Price: $9.49
Verdict: 3.5/5

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