Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wine Wednesday: Cupcake Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc

Happy Wine Wednesday!  Today I decided to change things up a bit with a Sauvignon Blanc.  This is a New Zealand wine, specifically from the famous Marlborough region.

I recently read a funny article about the weird words that people use to describe wine.  In fact, a study was done surveying people who regularly drink wine about how helpful those descriptive words actually are.  Ridiculous descriptions such as "old bones", "nervy" and "tongue spanking" (!!!) were found, unsurprisingly,  to not be very helpful in describing how the wine actually tastes.  More common words, such as "zesty", "fresh" and "peachy" were found to be the most helpful. Now, I have been known to use the term "fresh", and I might have even used "zesty" once or twice.  But I did think that the word peachy sounded pretty generic. Who would use that word?"  Well, me.  Now.  This wine was totally peachy.  And not like the 1950's slang word for totally cool.  All I could think about when I was drinking it was how it tasted like peaches.  It is quite aromatic and somewhat floral as well.  The label describes this as a zesty and zingy wine.  I guess that it is, but I didn't notice that until I read it on the bottle.

Apparently the Marlbourough region is known for producing Sauvignon Blancs with unique flavors.  Although it is different than what I am used to, it was really an enjoyable wine, and the price is great.

Wine:  Cupcake Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc
Year: 2012
Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
Purchased From: Costco
 Price: $8
Verdict: 3/5
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