Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wine Wednesday: Barefoot Refresh

Usually, trying something new is a good idea.  It keeps you from getting stuck in a rut, and introduces you to new things that you might have been missing out on.  But sometimes there are red flags warning you that maybe you shouldn't try some things.  In nature, certain fruits and berries are marked with colors or spots to warn that they are not for consumption.  And in the grocery store , we have labels to help us figure things out.  The thing is, you still have to use your common senses.  And unfortunately, I did not use that when I picked out our featured wine.

When I saw the Barefoot Refresh bottle, I was intrigued.  Barefoot is one of my go-to cheap wines.  And I'm a sucker for a new product.  But what is a "refresh"?  Is it like a wine cooler?  I read the bottle and it gave me little clue as to what this meant.  The giant red flag that I ignored was the line on the bottom of the label that said "Refreshing light wine style".  What the hell is a wine style?  I don't know, but I decided to find out.  I kind of wish I hadn't.

It turns out, that this is sort of a sparkling wine.  I guess sparkling might not be the right word.  Fizzy fits better.  It is also pretty sweet.  Kind of like if you mix cheap wine with sprite.  Honestly, gross.  I would not recommend this for anything, but if you find yourself in possession of it for some reason, I guess it could be used to make sangria.
Excuse the mess, there was a culinary adventure going on.
Wine: Barefoot Refresh
 Year: ?
 Region: ?
 Purchased From: Fry's
 Price: $5.99
Verdict: 1/5 
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Wayner83 said...

Many of my friends recently have started drinking this as its more like a wine cooler. It is meant to not only be chilled, but drank over ice.

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