Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Moving right along...

Sunday was the two week mark of my arrival to Arizona.  Wow, it feels like longer.  And although a two week "vacation" was nice after finishing up the busiest time of my life, I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

On Friday I visited the school that I hope to attend for my Masters program.  It was exciting and scary - and then disappointing when I realized my total GPA was lower than I thought it was.  I sort of wish I could go back in time and slap some sense into my younger self.  I'm not sure what I was doing 10 years ago, but apparently it wasn't studying.  I spent the weekend being sort of mopey and lamenting to K that we should get a clean slate after 10 years.  I mean, your credit gets wiped after 7, why should your GPA haunt you forever and ever?

Luckily, I had something to force me out of my pity party - a condensed summer class in a subject I am not comfortable in, now with increased pressure to get an A.  Ahh, yes, that's more like it.  I feel better already.  It also helps that I'm not working and I have my very own personal tutor (K is really really good at math).

It was also encouraging that we FINALLY found a place that we like when we went to brunch on Sunday.  As I said before, we have had very little luck finding restaurants to satisfy our foodie hearts.  On Saturday we made breakfast at home, which I declared the Best Breakfast in Arizona (and she's humble too!).

  But I love going out for breakfast, so we decided to try a place that I had bookmarked in Yelp long ago - Postino's East.  But it is listed as a wine bar, and I was planning on going there for happy hour sometime.  When we were at a different restaurant last week, we saw a sign across the street for a "Rockin' Brunch" - and it turned out to be Postino's.

Walking up, I was encouraged.  They were playing Citizen Cope.  Good sign.  We walked in - it was buzzing but not packed - there was no wait.  Was this heaven?  The atmosphere was lovely - warm and modern and beautiful.  We ordered a pot of french pressed coffee.
French Press at Postino's
Ciabatta French Toast at Postino's

The food was as delicious as it looks.  I think I can safely say that this was the best restaurant we have been to in Arizona. 

Also, apparently being a wine bar makes it socially acceptable to do some day drinking (classy day drinking, of course) - because I noticed more than a few people drinking glasses of wine before 11am.  I try to stick to the good old standard, no wine before 5pm - so K and I just ordered another pot of french press.  But I am looking forward to returning for happy hour.

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