Friday, July 27, 2012

How pinteresting....

OK, there are about a million people with blogs that cover Pinterest.  Two of my favorites are The Pintester and WTFPinterest?  So I'm not trying to become another "Look what I did on Pinterest!"  blog.  If you don't know what Pinterest is, I might have to ask you if you've been living in a cave for the past year.  It's a completely addictive "virtual pinboard" where you can save links to websites, pictures, or just ideas that you like.  Or pictures of Channing Tatum shirtless, apparently.  I mostly use mine to save recipes, go figure.  But there are tons of pins floating around that look like really good ideas, and after you see them 65 times you decide to pin them and maybe try them sometimes.  Like, you know, the one about getting rid of the dry skin on your feet, or make your own face mask, or spray paint your couch.

Anyway, most of my pinterest attempts have turned out good, or at worst just not worked.  I've never had a spectacular fail.  Although that is most likely because I have never attempted anything too outlandish.  I'm always interested to see the pins that people have actually tried, and how they turn out.  Here are a few that I've tried (And they aren't all food!).

Click on the name of the pin to see the original pin - I've posted a few pics of my own attempts.

No-Bake Energy Balls

I pinned this months ago, but I finally just decided to make them this week.  Since I am in class from 7:40am to 11:10, and I honestly don't usually have time for breakfast ( I KNOW, it's bad!), I get HUNGRY.  These looked like an interesting little snack to try.  But my food board was so jam packed with pins that I couldn't even find it.  So I just did a search on pinterest for them, which turned up so many different results.  I guess this has been done many times, by many blogs.  But, I stuck with my original pin.  I  find it funny that the blogger who posted this refers to these as "healthy little treats".  Yeah, I don't know if I would go so far as to call them healthy.  They are basically like little granola bars, they have oats, honey, coconut, peanut butter and CHOCOLATE.  So, they are more like a cookie than a healthy snack.  But they are tasty and portable.  I rolled them into fairly small balls - I think I got about 27 out of this batch.  One tip I read in the comments section of the original blog was to keep a small bowl of water next to you as you roll the balls, and then get your hands wet after every few balls.  it keeps your hands from getting to sticky to work with.  That was a great tip, it worked really well.  If I were to make them again, I would use slightly less honey and slightly more peanut butter - they were a bit too sweet with not enough peanutty taste for me.  I placed them on a cookie sheet and stuck the whole thing in the freezer.  I brought a few of them with me to class on Thursday, and since they were frozen solid in the morning, they were still holding their shape by the time I ate them a  few hours later.
Verdict:  Not bad!

Energy balls about to go in the freezer

Sock Bun

I first pinned a photo tutorial for this a long time ago, but the photos were not clear enough for me.  If you actually know how to do a sock bun, sure, the photos are great 9 but why would you need them?).  When i found this video tutorial, I was really excited and tried it the next day.  It was pretty easy, and I think it looked very elegant.  I can't stand to have my hair on my neck when it's 110 degrees, so I really needed to find some different updo's other than my standard messy bun.  Love it.
Verdict:  Pinterest WIN!

Tub and Shower Magic or Soap Scum Killa

I like the idea of a DIY cleaner, and so I decided to give this a try.  The only problem is that I don't have the BLUE Dawn dish soap on hand.  Ever, actually, I really hate the smell of it.  The dish soap that I had on hand was the Green Works brand.  The post seemed to indicate that you really need the BLUE dawn dish soap, but I decided to give it a try anyway.  I mixed it up according to instructions, then put it into a spray bottle and shook it up - which was ill advised.  It shot out of the spray nozzle and all over my stovetop.  Which needed to be cleaned anyway, but it was almost comical how it just shot out of the nozzle uncontrolably.  I had to unscrew it a little to releive some of the pressue before it would stop.  And then I dutifully sprayed it in my tub and letit sit for an hour or two, and then went to see if it worked.  I started scrubbing away and...nothing.  It worked in the way that really ineffective cleaner works.  Like barely at all.  So, maybe this was because I used the wrong soap, but I wouldn't try it again, even with the right soap.
Verdict:  Pinterest fail :/

I wish I took a picture of the aftermath, but I was too busy cleaning it up

Glass Stovetop Cleaner

Both our apartment in Portland and our place here have a glass stovetop.  It seems like it would be easy to clean, but it still gets weird spots on the burners that are hard to clean up.  K wanted to buy a Glass Stovetop Cleaner at the store, but I thought I would try this DIY version first.The directions say you have to soak a rag in a soapy water, sprinkle baking soda on your stovetop and then lay the soapy rag over it for 15 minutes.  I just got a rag wet and soapy instead of soaking it, because why should I have to use another bowl?  Then I followed the instructions.  The problem was that after wiping, and wiping, and WIPING, there was still baking soda residue on the stovetop.  It took multiple attempts to remove it, and then I had to finish it with a cleaning spray anyway.  Also, once I finally got the residue up, the thing wasn't totally clean.  So it didn't even work.
Verdict: meh.

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

This was tempting because moving to this hot climate has made me want cool treats more often than I used to.  I froze a banana in slices, blended it in my food processor, and added some peanut butter and nutella.  It turned our like a blended banana with peanut butter and nutella.  So, fine, I guess.  But I honestly don't really like banana flavored things, so I guess this really isn't for me.  If you want a no dairy treat, this might be OK.
Verdict: meh
Blended bananas, before the add ins

Pouring grease into a foil lined bowl to throw away

Wow, there is no way to shorten the name of that pin.  Basically the idea is that for easy disposal, you line a bowl with foil and then pour bacon or other grease into it, wait for it to harden, and then just ball up the foil and throw it away.  Great idea!  I never know what to do with the grease.  My mom used to use a tin can, which is a good idea, but I never have a can when I need it, and so I would pour it into a cup or something, but then you have to clean that out - gross.  So I tried this idea.  And, I think it would work great, except that my house is never cooler than 78 degrees.  Sooo... the grease never hardens.  I ended up putting it in the freezer.  That seemed to work.  Overall, a pretty good idea.
Verdict:  Not bad!

So, Pinterest fun for everyone!  I love seeing how other people's pins turned out.  Have you ever tried a pin?  What happened?

Pin It!

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